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No need to believe us – read what clients say in one of our testimonials:

“We started working with Paul because although Biotexcel was already a successful Life Science / biotech consultancy and events business, we weren’t fully exploiting the possibilities of social media in publicity and marketing. Paul took on our Twitter and Facebook accounts and quickly built up our social following, quadrupling our Twitter reach, which in turn drove more traffic to our event websites.
His background in the life sciences was vital – it meant that we could trust him not only to post using his knowledge & expertise but to actively convert followers into sponsors, clients, or delegates.”
Dr. Ed Quazi

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“I used Paul’s services because I wanted to understand the cause of severe inherited muscle weakness in a mutant mouse; I could have done this myself, but I wanted an approach that would be time-efficient and allow me to focus on other work. My goal was to better compare the animal model with the human condition.

The targeted approach that he suggested was innovative & flexible and could be applied to any mutation. Once we got our sequence data, using the analyses Paul had developed with a bioinformatician, it was obvious that only two mutations were good candidates. I was delighted with these results and was able to publish them in a high-impact journal. I would recommend Paul highly to anyone wanting to understand & publish the functional effects of mutations.”
Dr. Gonzalo Blanco

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“Paul is results orientated and dedicated to achieving high standards.  He worked closely with us on two projects related to the genetics of infection susceptibility.  He detected and mapped quantitative trait loci, planned and oversaw the breeding of congenic mice and analysed next-generation sequencing data to predict the effect of sequence variation on phenotype.  He also identified methods to functionally test candidate genes.  His insight, attention to detail and collaborative approach were much appreciated and his expertise in genetics and genomics were central to our success.”
Prof. Peter Andrew


“We had excellent gene expression data, but needed help with Gene Ontology and pathway analysis. Paul Denny contributed expertise complementing that of my team at the Institute of Molecular Genetics. He is a professional and productive consultant and his work will be of great value in helping to determine the underlying causes of infertility in our model system, which we aim to publish in a high-impact journal.”
Prof. Jiri Forejt

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“Paul brought his knowledge of human and animal genetics to bear in our hunt for the functional significance of sequence variants associated with childhood-onset asthma.  He found evidence suggesting that specific SNPs are involved in disease, using a combination of intelligent literature curation and querying of functional genomic databases.  His work was pivotal in allowing us to develop novel directions for future research, because he uncovered relationships that were unknown previously.  We recommend him highly and plan to employ his skills again in future.”
Prof. Clare M Lloyd
Dr. Charlotte Dean

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