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Pathway Analysis using the Gene Set Enrichment Analysis (GSEA) Tool

Gene Set Enrichment Analysis is one of many approaches to the analysis of gene expression profile data and is described in a paper from workers at the Broad Institute. The basic concept was prompted by the observation that studying individual genes showing the most significant difference in expression level between two states or phenotypes is lacking [...]

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How does a mutation in a transcription factor cause glue ear?

Acute otitis media, sometimes known as “glue ear”, is the most common bacterial infection in children and by 1 year of age about 60% of children will have had one episode. In some cases, children develop a chronic condition, which, despite the infection being cured, the “glue” doesn’t go away and causes deafness.  In an [...]

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Pathway analysis of gene expression data – male reduced fertility / sterility

A group of animals that can breed and produce fertile offspring is one of the definitions of a species. This means that the biological mechanisms of fertility and infertility are of interest not only to evolutionary biologists, but also to clinicians and of course to the wider public. At the Institute of Molecular Genetics in [...]

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